Montgomery College North Parking Garage in Rockville, Maryland

Contractor: Christman Construction
Tons: Approximately 220

Rockville, Maryland

Steel, LLC is helping solve Montgomery College’s parking problems with the construction of their new North Garage. The deck will serve as home for more than 900 cars during class hours. At 7 stories, the new project was built as high as city code allows, making it the tallest standing structure on Montgomery College’s campus.

While the garage itself is made primarily of concrete, Steel, LLC is providing around 220 tons of AESS support steel in order to support the metal paneling applied to the exterior of the building. A 4-part performance paint system was factory applied to all of the steel before being shipped to the job site.

The garage’s first two levels will be reserved for faculty and staff, while levels three through seven will be open to students. Each level will feature space monitoring spots, providing a live feed of the amount of available spaces on each floor. In addition, the deck will feature 20 electric vehicle charging spaces.

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