4 Modern Steel Structures that Will Blow Your Mind

Published by on October 10, 2019 2:10 pm

The creation of steel goes back to four thousand years ago, though it wasn’t used to its full potential until 1856. Henry Bessemer created a way to use oxygen to lower the amount of carbon in iron, which is what created steel.

Even though the use of steel for construction started over two hundred years ago, it’s still being used today to create innovative buildings.

University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2

Looking like something out of a sci-fi novel, this biosphere has a steel skeleton with a glass shell. The biosphere is made of three large hillslopes that copy watersheds in the wild.

It’s the biggest earth science experiment. While mimicking nature, the structure allows scientists to control the environment for all kinds of research purposes. The goal of the biosphere is to help scientists answer the toughest questions about how our planet works.

University of Oregon Hatfield-Dowlin Football Performance Center

No one takes football more seriously than the University of Oregon. The center was funded by Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, and his wife, Penny.

The center is made of glass, granite, and metal. The materials were chosen to show off strength and durability, like the football players it serves. The massive structure can hold a public lobby, weight room, offices for coaches and staff, and so much more to help plan for games. Under the building, there’s a parking lot that can hold 190 cars.

Willis Tower in Chicago

You may be familiar with this building being called the Sears Tower. Steel plays an essential role in the construction of this building. The strength of the steel helps it stand against the strong Chicago winds.

Construction started in 1970 and took three years to complete. When the building underwent some renovations, they added The Ledge, a group of windows that go out from the building so people can look down.

It’s the second tallest building in North America, behind the One World Trade Center in New York City.

The Power of Steel Construction

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