How to Choose the Right Steel Fabricator for Your Project

Published by on April 16, 2015 4:42 pm

The advantages steel offers to the construction industry have long been recognized by designers and developers. Structural steel is an essential component of stadiums, shopping centers, and commercial developments.

Steel, LLC is a leader in structural steel construction, from initial design and engineering, through onsite erection. Fabrication and assembly is an incredibly important aspect of any major build, so if you don’t have a reliable source of steel, it’s imperative that you do a little research and choose a quality steel fabrication company in the near future.

Communication between you and the steel fabrication company you choose is key. A good flow of communication and ideas eliminates stress, confusion and aggravation, and it definitely adds value to your project. When miscommunication exists, your project costs could potentially skyrocket from delays, a lack of creativity, or errors.

Your steel fabricator should discuss with you:

  • The look you are trying to achieve
  • The weight of the finished product
  • The strength of the finished product
  • Your budget for the cost of materials
  • Your deadline for project completion

Your answers to those questions will help the right steel fabrication company know how to better navigate your project, and evaluate any problems or roadblocks you might encounter.

Product Quality
Project managers want to find a steel fabrication company with a reputation for producing quality work. Be sure to browse their website for project photos and recent news articles so you can familiarize yourself with their strengths and abilities.

Some companies try to cut corners to save money, which always results in a lower quality product. Be wary of a company who:

  • Does not finish the job properly
  • Cheats on the quality of metal
  • Quotes low and then comes back with extras or variations on the job
  • Has no quality control process on the material before it goes out

You will want to ask for testimonials from satisfied customers and also view their workmanship in past projects they have completed.

Steel, LLC consistently offers high standards, precision products and guaranteed strength and durability in the most challenging environments. Our steel is produced to the most exacting specifications under highly controlled conditions, eliminating the risks of onsite variability. Rigorous quality assurance processes give full traceability at all stages in the supply chain, from steelmaking through fabrication to erection on site.