Contractor: Hensel Phelps
Architect: RS&H
Tons: 3,500
Square Footage: 34,000

Cape Canaveral, FL

Steel, LLC is proud to be a part of this prestigious renovation and modification of the VAB and what is to come for the next generation of human spaceflight.

Fabricated in our Scottdale, GA plant and shipped to an assembly point a few miles north of the Kennedy Space Center, these platforms are then assembled, aligned, painted, and shipped to the jobsite utilizing specialized hauling equipment. From there they are placed into a test stand outside of the VAB where final installation of handrail and planking occurs. Tests are then performed with regard to functionality, and final inspections are performed before the platform is then placed in the VAB.

Ten new engineered steel-framed platforms with nearly total reconfigurability into the support systems (gas lines, power and lifting and access equipment) is complex, but necessary to incorporate that mobility. These platforms will be able to accommodate various other launch vehicles and configurations with minimal adjustments. Along with its vertical mobility, each platform can move laterally as needed.

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