What is the Role of a Project Manager in Design-Build Projects?

Published by on December 9, 2016 10:34 am

Steel, LLC has a long, successful track record of design-build projects in numerous market segments across the country. Our ability to actively engage the customer and design team in cost-effective, efficient, and constructible solutions is reliant upon the thorough and diligent management of all design-build projects. Strong and effective project managers are essential in producing optimal results for a design-build company.

What are the main responsibilities of a project manager? 

Like all project management, there are two main concerns in design-build:

  1. Management and thorough communication of your clients’ wants and needs to the team
  2. Management and thorough communication with your design and build teams


Client Management

Dealing with clients can be a challenge. In order to manage expectations, extremely thorough communication and realistic deadlines and design are key. To efficiently manage a client, it is important for a project manager to do the following:

– Conduct strict and detailed audits of each new project

– Review project specifications and contract design drawings to ensure that the Client’s needs are being satisfied.

– Inform and advise the client on their responsibilities and obligations in each development

– Maintain constant and clear communication with the Owner, General Contractor, Architect, Structural Engineer and Steel Detailers to ensure high quality in the finished steel structure.

Team Management

When managing internal teams, a good project manager has tested systems in place for managing efficiency and accuracy. Put simply, the main goals for managing your teams are:

– Encouraging designers to use their talents and experience fully to create competitive and unparalleled results

– Managing time to ensure that projects are completed in a quality, yet cost-effective manner

– Ensuring that each project adheres to legislation, standards, and codes of best practice


So what makes a good project manager?

 Project management can be a high-stress position, particularly when dealing with high-level corporate clients in costly construction projects. It is essential for a project manager to have great people skills and a high level of composure in order to keep employee/client relations positive. Organization is essential, and an expert knowledge of all aspects of design and construction are key to effective management and control.