Steel, LLC Donates Materials for Veteran’s F-4 Phantom Display

F-4 Aircraft Lift

Published by on December 9, 2014 6:32 am

Steel, LLC works together with members to restore Col. Joe Kittinger F-4 Phantom jet from the Vietnam War as part of a pro bono project.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 09, 2014

More than 40 years ago, Col. Joe Kittinger flew an F-4 Phantom jet in the Vietnam War, tail number 747. Col. Kittinger is a resident of Orlando, Florida where the plane he flew has been reassembled and restored to honor the service of veterans. Steel, LLC has donated materials to construct structure for the display and secure the monument in Col. Joe Kittinger Park at the Orlando Executive Airport.

The restoration of the plane began this summer with the transport of the aircraft from Texas to Orlando. The cost of the ambitious undertaking, including reassembly onsite, repairs, and restoration of the original camouflage paint treatment, and the cost of display mount totaled nearly $100,000.

As cost estimates for the project were determined, Bryan L. Butcher, Chief Estimator for Hensel Phelps – a general contractor and customer of Steel, LLC on numerous projects – volunteered his time as a subcontractor liaison to assist with the fundraising campaign to raise money for the restoration project.

Butcher has been working closely with fellow committee members in an effort to secure all necessary materials and services, provided pro bono. Steel, LLC donated more than 2 tons of steel for the restoration. After months of fundraising and restoration efforts, the display was completed on Nov. 22.

Blake Hoskisson, Steel, LLC’s Vice President of Sales and Director of Design Services, oversees the corporate-wide sales for the company, reviewing revenues and establishing goals. Steel, LLC has a long history of community involvement and dedication to customers and partners alike. “We are honored to have had the opportunity to donate our time and resources for this monumental restoration. This is Steel’s way of giving back to our country and showing gratitude to our soldiers and their courageous service in the Vietnam War. This display is a true memorial and shall always be a reminder for all to appreciate.”

Dedication of the aircraft will be held Dec. 14 at Col. Joe Kittinger Park. With the plane proudly displayed on its pedestal, a plaque recognizing each company who donated materials or services to this project will be secured at its base. Col. Kittinger and the restoration committee dedicate this project as a tribute to all Central Florida Vietnam soldiers.

Steel, LLC was founded in 1947 and is located in Scottdale, Georgia, 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. The company is a leading steel fabricator and boasts the strength, resources, and know-how of a large national steel manufacturer with the detailed project management and responsiveness you would expect from a smaller fabricator.

Steel, LLC specializes in suburban mid-rise office buildings, hotels, sports arenas, convention centers,aviation/aerospace structures, and distribution centers, to name a few. The company pays special attention to ensure they have the appropriate resources and works closely with all team members to facilitate communication amongst the contractors and management teams.

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