Top 3 Ways You Can Build it Cheaper and Faster

Published by on February 1, 2017 9:42 am

Steel is the market’s preferred superstructure material in terms of strength and lifespan. As of 2015, steel commands the market share of being used approximately 90% of the time for single-story industrial buildings and 70% of the time for multi-story non-residential buildings. What other reasons are behind the high usage rates? Steel can not only help you create a better building, but it can get your project done more quickly while saving on labor and installation.

If a contractor is able to find a material that saves them time in the long run then the company can save more money than originally projected. Steel is the solution to these long-term issues thanks to its durability, longevity, flexibility, and time/cost effectiveness.

Unlike other materials like concrete or stone, steel can be fabricated with precision accuracy so there is virtually no risk or unpredictability when having materials created and delivered for your next project. In fact, when you work with Steel, LLC you can rest assured that all materials are pre-manufactured off-site to the fullest extent possible, which results in minimal onsite labor. This means that whole structures can be completed in a fraction of similar concrete concepts; we think of our project schedules in weeks rather than months. Overall, you’d be saving 20%-40% of onsite construction time, thus shortening your total build time and accelerating your project schedule. This results in time-related savings – a lower overall project cost.

In addition to saving time from pre-manufacturing exact measurements of materials, you can also save money on your project from the beginning because of the flexible adaptability with a steel framed building. For instance, if a long span office within a large building was rented by new occupants, the new tenants wouldn’t have to make structural changes because there wouldn’t be any structural burdens, such as columns throughout the room. The flexibility for change allows rapid, economic compliance with changing times.

Steel buildings are also a long-term money saver when it comes to pest control and the health of your employees. Unlike organic materials, like wood and even brick, steel is inorganic and harbors zero moisture, thus automatically preventing mold spores to accumulate.

In addition to preventing mold from growing, using steel on your next project will benefit in the long run by its slow decomposition compared to other resources. Brick and wood have a tendency to deteriorate over time by the nature of their composition, steel, on the other hand, can be coated with an array of finishes designed to prevent rust and decay leading to a building that will still be standing long after one constructed of alternative materials has broken down.

Steel is a material that can withstand time, the elements, and can reduce harmful effects on the environment. It should be your number one building choice when considering your next project for the time and money it will save your company. If you’re interested in learning more about how steel can benefit your next project, please get in touch with one of our Steel experts today.